Kiddoz Family

KIDDOZ was born in the RM of Lumsden in April 2018 to the proud parents of Kristy + Chad! After a long 168 hour labour, setting up the office, thinking of a name + planning for its arrival, we are thrilled to announce KIDDOZ as part of our family! 

Siblings, Taya + Tory are still adjusting to the new arrival. While they don’t know it yet, they’ll be thrilled to see what KIDDOZ has in “store” for them.


Our girls just turned 3 + 1 and I'm seeing kids toys and clothes in our future for what seems like a stiff prison sentence. We're DROWNING in kids stuff and as I was losing sleep treading through the clutter - KIDDOZ was born (and it didn't hurt nearly as much as birthing my other kiddos...)

Chad was born and raised in Regina and Kristy has called Saskatchewan home for the past 9 years. 

Our kids rotate through their clothes every six months…. They grow and suddenly we’re in a new season. We recognize we’re not the only ones in this predicament and welcome you to the KIDDOZ family with open arms!